Friday, 14 December 2007


I don’t believe that the temperature crept above freezing level today and County Durham was blanketed in fog. I know that because I drove the full length of it to get to court in Newcastle. At least the sun was shining there even if the air temperature remained Arctic-like. Near to the court is a busy pedestrian thoroughfare where most lawyers, barrister or solicitor, pass and today they were all well muffled up.

As I walked through I met an old, non-legal acquaintance. “Makes a change to see so many lawyers with their hands in their own pockets for once,” he remarked.

Maybe it was because I’d already heard that joke on the radio this morning as I drove up the motorway, or maybe I felt a tinge of guilt having just accepted a client’s kind offer of a cup of coffee; either way I felt mildly irritated and would recommend this entry in John Bolch's blog at Family Lore for a contrary view.

P.S. He was an estate agent.

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