Saturday, 3 November 2007


I think that it is now time to update you about the relationship with Dom (and no I have decided against the tattoo after all). Although still very much enamoured by him, the honeymoon period is drawing to a close. The twitching blinds and net curtains from our neighbours when we pull onto the drive are very much something of the past; a kind of acceptance that he’s here to stay.

Unfortunately we have had our first spat. I really didn’t think he was going the extra mile or three that I got out of the ex, and that regular weekly stop at the supermarket to fill up has been getting very expensive. Dom, however, seems to think he’s some kind of thoroughbred that requires careful handling. So, although I like to think that I’ve been in the driver’s seat the whole time, it has been a new learning experience. We now sprint, at his insistence, rather than jog, most days and gradually I’m teasing a little extra mpg from him. With petrol prices hitting £1 a litre, I have to.

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Blog4Justice said...

"Unfortunately we have had our first sprat."

Did you mean a 'spat', Mrs Malaprop? A sprat is an altogether different kettle of fish...

Judith said...

Oops, I thought I'd ironed out all the typos before publishing- well spotted, a sprat wouldn't have gone very far between the two of us!