Sunday, 25 November 2007


Whilst chatting to Constance the other night I finally got round to quizzing her about the real reason for her split and subsequent acrimonious divorce. It’s amazing how a couple of years down the line events have a much more rational explanation. It seems the bridegroom never allowed himself to be groomed by the bride. He never learnt to cook, share the housework, or give up his love of football and his Friday nights out with mates. At the same time Constance recognises that she herself altered, although she attributes this to the arrival of her children. Whatever, the ex could not come to terms with the changes, especially when she no longer delighted in acting as housemaid to him, never wanted to go to the cinema to see a film when they could just as easily watch TV nor spend her summer holidays stuck in a little tent when there was the prospect of a charter holiday in the sun.

I guess there’s a moral there somewhere, like: leopards don’t change their spots, unless they’re female!

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