Monday, 15 October 2007


Today I understand is a Blog Action Day when we are all required to blog about environmental issues. Not an easy one when your passions are divorce and people, although the latter apparently are currently being held to account for an evil force called Climate Change that is attacking the planet.

Forget that, I thought I’d continue instead my theme from the last couple of days about forging friendships and networking. I’m not sure to what extent such activities are carbon neutral, so shan’t ponder on that line either.

Networking events produce relationships: people buy people; you put faces to names. It’s an effective way to meet and I understand that similar principles apply to Singles’ Clubs. Reality is suspended; strangers expect that you will talk to them because that is why they are there. Techniques that can’t be applied at the bus stop, (or swimming pool
) are allowed. With a good group of people and/or an effective host, the ice melts quicker than from global warming.

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