Tuesday, 9 October 2007


One size fits all – not when it comes to separating it doesn’t. We’re all unique individuals; our families are different and when it comes to divorce or separation how we go about it and how the family fortune gets carved up is exclusive to our own circumstances. That’s always a hard one to explain to a client especially when his father’s best friend’s cousin’s plumber has allegedly just emerged from the woes of divorce without having to pay his wife a penny and the client wants the same outcome.

It’s a bit like blogging where individuality comes to the fore. I was reminded of this when reading other lawyers’ divorce blogs which I stress bear no resemblance whatsoever to my humble offerings, nor indeed to each other. For instance Bloody Relations by Jacqui Gilliatt is an absolute Aladdin’s Cave of links and I defy anyone to visit her page and then fail to find themselves clicking to follow the trail she sets you on. In contrast John Bolch at Family Lore has to be commended for his ability to comment on changes in law and practice on an almost daily basis. Jo Spain offers informative and helpful explanations on the law itself whilst Divorce Solicitor is a gem of hilarious if not useful ideas. Wikivorce hosts blogs from those currently going through the process and I’m confident that regardless of how many divorce blogs you come across each will have its own unique angle.

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