Sunday, 21 October 2007


Apprentice Man, who has no idea what he might want to do with his life other than strum his guitar and lie in bed longer than is reasonably permissible, recently had to decide which subjects to pursue to A’ level. Not an easy choice to make when you do not yet appear to have developed any vocational yearnings. Should one lean towards the arts or the sciences, or even study a mix of both?

When dividing family assets, Judges have discretionary powers which means that guessing the outcome can be interpreted as a stab in the dark. Of course, that’s not really the case. Despite most lawyers’ pedantic insistence on thinking in straight lines and applying pure logic to resolve irrational dilemmas, the family lawyer has elevated such thought processes to another plane where experience, legal knowledge, psychology and human dynamics all intermingle. Hence advising a client on the likely outcome of a court application has to be an art rather than a science.

Apprentice Man has opted to stick with the sciences. I do not believe that he has any intention of becoming a family lawyer.

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