Sunday, 14 October 2007


I’d like to follow on from my entry yesterday about making friends. As part of my business life I’m expected to attend a number of networking functions. This is not social networking as we know on the Internet (which appears to be a complete misnomer) but in the flesh, walking into rooms of complete strangers with the ultimate aim of selling your wares – never an easy task for a divorce lawyer!

I’m told that it is a bit like speed dating where you have to make a big impression, very quickly. The technique, of course, is to try to ensure that whoever you talk to is going to remember your name, what you do and maybe even ask for your telephone number. Hence on such occasions I am told that it is simply not acceptable to be Judith Middleton, divorce lawyer. Instead it’s: “Hello, I’m Judith, (pause), Judith (emphasis), Middleton. I’m involved in relationship breakdown, (another pause), and you?”

You can see why people prefer the virtual reality of cyber space; it’s more natural!

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