Saturday, 13 October 2007


Funny how inhibitions are acquired over the years, presumably as a result of conditioning. Children don’t share the same reticence, and although they may be shy, it’s easy to respond when another child approaches and asks “Will you be my friend?”

I was reminded of this on holiday over the summer. Little Girl, splashing in the hotel pool alone, was asked exactly that question by another girl of similar age and consequently the two quickly became a pair for the rest of the holiday. It was simply done, in a matter of seconds.

It’s harder as an adult. Let’s face it, approaching a complete stranger in a swimming pool or wherever and asking if they’ll be your friend could lead very quickly to you being dismissed as mentally unstable and shunned. Yet the process of forging friendships in later life is substantially the same, even if it requires more time and subtlety. We still need to be outward going, altruistic and/or team up for a project or activity; always ready to offer the invite at the appropriate point, conscious that the recipient is probably as reserved as we are, if not more so.

Hence the growing popularity of, for instance, salsa and belly dancing classes where you can have a giggle with complete strangers and break down the barriers which otherwise prevent us from getting to know each other.

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Chris, Emma and Katie said...

Hi, it's the triplets, like your blog. It's funny and interesting.
Lots of love from the three cheesy lot!