Sunday, 2 September 2007


When I did the weekly food shop yesterday, I had a pleasant surprise; with the use of a Nectar points card, it only came to £2! A trolley load of goodies for free! Except it wasn’t really. If I’ve learnt something from my years on this planet, it’s that you don’t get anything for nothing. What seemed like a free gift was only as a result of all the money I’ve previously spent in that same supermarket. Like everything in life you have to work hard; putting in, so that you can take out and sometimes, despite all the effort, you never manage to do so.

It set me thinking as I weeded the flower beds later; is there anything you ever truly get for free?

Outdoor Man answered that question for me as he threw me a compliment I felt I’d done nothing to earn.

“You’re looking blooming,” he remarked, as I came in through the back door.

“Thank you,” I blushed, before going upstairs where I coyly examined myself in the mirror. Reality dawned; half the flower garden was stuck in my hair!

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