Monday, 17 September 2007


I have been on a blind date this evening. It was approached in the right manner and we had a delightful rendezvous at a local pub where we spent a couple of hours getting to know one another. Mind it must be a sign of our ages because we started discussing ailments and health care!

The main concern if arranging such a meeting has to be safety and I suppose you could say that I took rather extreme precautions in being accompanied by Outdoor Man and the children! That was not surprising though as it was actually a first face to face with two third cousins whom I’ve met via the Internet whilst researching my family tree. They brought their families too.

It is amazing how many relationships are now struck up using the Internet. In this instance my intuition was right and my distant relatives turned out to be special people. Of course it might not always be the case and arrangements would not have been so casual if I’d been going along alone.

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