Saturday, 25 August 2007


On Thursday morning I was severely stressed and anxious, there was no mistaking the symptoms. My heart was pounding; I felt sick and tense; I kept breaking into a sweat; I couldn’t concentrate; I was taking quick short breaths and suffering from bouts of light headedness and a sense of impending doom.
It was apparent that Apprentice Man felt the same way. They were after all his GCSE results that we were waiting for.

Tension in our lives inevitably manifests itself with physical symptoms. We have to be careful that these in turn don’t cause longer term complications. Fortunately for me, the tension didn’t last long and there was no doom for Apprentice Man either- he passed them all with flying colours.

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Brian said...

Man has to be courageous that he should face all challenges and difficulties of life. If person takes tension of overloaded work then he should leave that work. Health is more important than any work.