Tuesday, 28 August 2007


We all need time out now again. It helps us recover mentally and recharge those batteries inside us that run on adrenalin. I grew up perfecting the technique of day-dreaming; sometimes though I can bury myself in a good book or cd. All create a little bit of Paradise where, if only for a while, I can lose all those things that bug me. These days my favoured piece of Paradise is a spot in the majestic Langdale Valley in the Lake District where we stay in a wooden chalet with large glass windows from which I can spend hours just watching the beck trickle by and the varied species of bird at the feeder which hangs down from the nearest tree across our patio. Day begins with a brisk swim and then after a day on the hills getting punch drunk on the scenery, we return for a sauna and sustenance. It’s becoming an annual cleansing ritual; an opportunity to get close to nature and beauty; to rediscover myself and either to forget or alternatively come to terms with all those issues that I normally can’t get out of my head.

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