Saturday, 4 August 2007


Seems the tabloids were kept busy last week stirring up the gossip for old Cornwall.
Apparently, to Cornwall’s dismay, Great White has sneaked in and the paparazzi have secured some photographs. Some say they’re of a basking shark that turns up all the time and which Cornwall accepted as a visitor a long time ago. The media, of course, would have us believe that it’s Great White in disguise, but, in the event that they are of the wrong predator, then it doesn’t matter because he’ll be found in Cornwall’s backyard before long anyway.
Meanwhile Cornwall’s first lady, Newquay, denies everything and is understandably bruised by the allegations, as well as being concerned for her children on the beach and the effect such rumours are having on them. Come on, Cornwall and Newquay deserve a break; if the press doesn’t stop the pressure on them they’ll each be in need of a good divorce lawyer before the summer’s ended.

If you are unfamiliar with the story click here to read it at Times Online

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